Monkey Pak Me was established in 2015 by an experienced team of sales, supply chain, and design experts to provide exceptional, high-quality packaging solutions and branding consulting services to a variety of industries and businesses across the country.  MPM guides clients by studying short- and long-term market trends to plan and manage branding strategies such as logo creation, direct printing, marketing materials and apparel design, as well as other forms of promotion to elevate any brand.

Primarily serving the cannabis, cosmetic, and food and beverage markets, Monkey Pak Me’s highly-customizable packaging solutions include envelopes, boxes, vape cartridges, jars, pre-rolls, labels and stickers, mylar bags, and blister cards, all designed to offer exceptional protection and presentation. MPM’s intelligently-designed packaging ensures that products enjoy their maximum shelf-life, meet childproof and tamper-resistance requirements, and are perfectly protected from damages caused by accidents in handling or transit, while a talented creative team thoughtfully designs each and every piece for maximum consumer impact.

In 2020, Monkey Pak Me expanded once again to offer inventory management, supply chain, and logistics services in addition to sourcing and distribution of bottles, caps, and hand sanitizers to meet the overwhelming demand for these critical supplies during the global pandemic.

Monkey Pak Me is always looking to expand its client services and offerings.  If you are interested in working with Monkey Pak Me, please fill out an Estimate Request Form here, or call (909) 459-0025.  Be sure to follow MPM’s Instagram to learn about exciting promos and sample designs.