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Glass is a traditional primary container option. Glass tends to help preserve the some products better than other materials. 


Plastic is widely used amongst many industries. It is a lighter than many substitute materials, can be produced in a variety of colors,   and easy to ship.


Tin canisters are a great alternative option to glass or plastic. It adds a unique look and is great for creams and salves.

Custom Labels

Be Standard or Go Premium.
Our custom Label services will enhance your item.

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Labels are still a critical component to the packaging process. We prefer to take a consultative approach and discuss your needs and target audience to ensure your label(s) contains the proper design, size, material and finishing features that will enhance your products image.

Our Standard Label offering includes full color printing on a white Bbop material with a gloss laminate with some design work included.

In addition to full color printing our Premium labels come with an option of silver Bbop or rainbow holographic material. Producing via this method allows for colors within the design to have a foil look to them. Our Premium Matte laminate adds an elegant soft touch like finish to the label. Our premium label option can turn a basic component into packaging that screams high end.
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Direct Print


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Direct print can save time and money and it is available for many items; most suitable for products with a flat surface. There are no restrictions on the number of colors allowing the vibrant colors of your logon and or design to shine while proving the most value for your money. The high-quality results of the direct print process will add to the high end look we are overall helping you build.

If you are interested in our Direct Print offering send us a sample of your product or please Click the “Inquire Now” button below and let us know how we can help.
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Need a unique component?
Utilize our sourcing service to find the perfect fit.

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Looking for something special and different for your brand? Monkey Pak Me can assist in finding exactly what you are looking for. The possibilities are endless. Hit the “Inquire Now” button below let’s get started.
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Save Time and a few valuable Fingers.

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Let us help you with label application in house! This label application service saves you time and money. Our label applicator can be utilized to apply labels to jars and bottles made out of glass or plastic. Let us know how we can assist by clicking the “INQUIRE HERE” button below.
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