custom mylar bags

Which Mylar Bag is right for you?

All of our Custom Mylar Bags are made from scratch. No pulling a premade bag off a shelf and slapping a sticker or printing  on it.

Traditional Printed

Traditional printed mylar bags require print plates for each printed color which allows for a variety of finishing features. This traditional printing method is ideal for large runs of a single design (versions).

Digital Print

Our digital print offering allows for full color printing with limitations on print finishing option such as spot UV and foils. Digital print is ideal for smaller runs or runs with multiple designs (versions).

Food / Pet Industry

Our bags are custom made to fit your specifications.
Always made from scratch.

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Relatively inexpensive compared to a traditional box mylar bags have been a comparable substitution for many food and pet products. Monkey Pak Me’s mylar bag offering allows for premium finishing features which will make your product stand out next to the competition and make the difference on which product is purchased by the consumer.

Food grade, standard or child resistant zippers, a heat seal area, tear notch, custom window, frosted window, hot foil stamping, matte and soft touch finishes are some of the print options available to you.

At Monkey Pak Me we deliver high quality, professionally designed Mylar Bags sized to your specific product. We do not print on blank premade inventory nor do we apply stickers to bags. All Mylar Bags are custom made from scratch to your needed specifications. Click below and let us know how we can help!
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Breath a little easier with our Child Resistant Mylar bags
that will address your compliance needs.

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The Cannabis Industry has always been open to the use of mylar bags. Recently though the idea of a Mylar Bag has picked up steam and we are seeing an uptick in requests for Mylar Bags for flower. Why is this? Its simple…compared to the traditional glass jar, mylar bags weight less and are more compact. If the product is moving quickly mylar bags are a great alternative for your flower.

All bags are made from scratch with the thickness of such bag complaint with state regulations and available for one-time use products or with child resistant capabilities. Our premium finishing features what can make you stand out from the other brands on the shelf. Click the “Inquiry Now” button below to start the process. Let’s build your brand together.
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Cosmetic / Beauty

A Match made in heaven. Your Product.
Our Mylar Bag offering

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We are seeing a shift in the usage of mylar bags within the cosmetic / beauty industry and we can help to custom design and create a mylar bag that best suits your product and / or products. Combined with premium finishing options to deliver high quality mylar bags created specifically for your brand. To find out more click on “Inquire Now”
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Shipper Displays

Pack your custom mylar bags in a convertible shipper display

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Need a display for your mylar bags? Pack 4, 12, 24 into a custom shipper convertible into a display ready for the retail shelf. Easy assembly, light weight (depending on product) and includes premium finishes (foil, embossing, deboss, spot UV, and more). We are here to help, click button below to “Inquire Now”
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