Cartridge Plastic CR Tubes


white, clear, black


Child Resistant Certified

Available in 3 different colors  (Opaque Black, Opaque White, Clear) and 2 sizes (2.7″ Tall and 3.33″ Tall) our Cartridge tubes will address the Child Resistant aspect that most vape products will require.  16mm width for both sides.

Product Details

SKU: Varies by item
Category: Components – Plastic
Ideal for: Various sized Cartridges and Disposables
Minimum Quantity: 2.7″ (1100 pcs)  /  3.3″ (990 pcs)
Lead time: 5-7 business days


  • Various Sizes
  • Child Resistant Certified
  • 3 Standard Colors (White, Black, Clear)


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