MICRO Container (Child Resistant)


Black,  White, Clear, Black

Product Details

Category: Components
Ideal for: 1 gram Flower, Multiple Pre Rolls, Small Edibles
Minimum Quantity: 1440 pcs (case count 720)
Lead time: 5-7 business days
Color Options Available: Black, White, Clear
Custom Options: paper sleeves, labels


Looking for a fairly inexpensive option yet unique packaging option that addresses Child Resistant requirements?  The MICRO container may be a good fit for you and your Brand.  Great to house multiple Pre Rolls, Flower and Edibles.  Some of the features of this product are Air tight, Child Resistant Certified, USA Made with a FDA approved material that is a eco friendly by accelerating degradation in landfills.  Which size works best for you?  Customization currently available via Custom Paper Sleeves.


  • USA Manufactured
  • FDA Approved Material
  • Certified Child Resistant
  • Air Tight
  • Accelerated Degradation in Landfill


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