Mylar Bags (Custom)


Mylar Bags are a great way to package a variety of different products.  All of our bags are made from scratch to your specifications.   We do not stock pre made bags and print on them, nor are we big fans or slapping a sticker on a bag.  Our goal at Monkey Pak Me is to provide our clients the highest quality product for their money.  We have several different methods of producing custom mylar bags and the method of production usually incorporated the following factors.

  1. Quantity 
  2. Number of Colors that need to be printed
  3. Standard Zipper vs. Child Resistant Zipper feature
  4. Finishing specifications 

It is important for us to fully understand those factors in order to better serve you and your packaging needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO CONSIDER: Boxes allow for a lower minimum quantity but Mylar bags tend to give you a lower per price piece as you increase your order size.

Product Details

SKU: Various
Size: Various
Category: Mylar Bags
Ideal for:  A wide Variety of Items
Minimum Quantity: 3000 (Traditional) 
Lead time: 35-40 business days Traditional Print /  Digital Print 20-25 business days

Available Standard Sizes

Custom – We custom Tailor your Mylar Bag to your specifications
Mylar Bag – Cartridge (2.45″ x 4.5″)
Mylar Bag Disposable (2.45″ x 5.75″)
Mylar Bag Edible (4.5″ x 6.00″ x 2.36 Gusset)
Mylar Bag Gram (3.00″x 3.00″ No Gusset)
Mylar Bag_8th (3.62″ x 5.62″ w/ 1.9″ Gusset)
Mylar Bag Quarter (4.00″ x 6.5″ w/ 1.9″ Gusset)
Mylar Bag Half Ounce (5.00″ x 8.19″ w/ 2.33″ Gusset)
Mylar Bag Ounce (6.02″ x 9.80″ w/ 2.36″ Gusset)


  • Custom Sizes
  • Common Sizes
  • Matte, Gloss Finish
  • Windows, Custom Windows
  • Child Resistant Zippers, Standard Zippers
  • Tear Notch
  • Heat Seal Area
  • Hang Holes
  • Gussets (Stand Up Pouch)
  • Soft Touch
  • Foil Hot Stamping
  • Metallic Inks
  • Spot UV

Methods of Print

Traditional Print: Process where plates will be required for every color being printed.  Ideal method for larger runs
(MOQ Standard Zipper = 3000 pcs per size/design,  MOQ Child Resistant Zipper = 5000 pcs per size/design
Pros:  Excellent quality, we offer a reasonable low minimum compared to competition, expanded finishing feature options, Standard & Child Resistant Zippers, Windows, Soft Touch, price point on larger runs is better.
Cons: Some Clients are looking for even lower quantities, Large amounts of colors push price up, one version limit, longer lead times

Digital Print:  Full Color print where all print is dropped down in one pass. Ideal for short runs and multiple versions of the same size
(MOQ for digital print can be as low as 500 pieces)
Pros: Full Color Printing, Good Quality Print, Standard & Child Resistant Zippers, windows, reasonable price point for short runs, may allow for multiple versions
Cons: Reduced amount of finishing options, window limitations, Not ideal for large volume runs, pricing is higher


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